You may have areas of fat that do not respond well to exercise or diet.

We have all seen it: you can gain or lose weight but you still have your “problem spot.” You gain or lose weight in your own pattern, a pattern that you cannot change. You could even be too thin and still have your hated bulge. Well, no longer. Although you may not be able to spot reduce, spot reduction is precisely what Liposuction is for. That problem spot will no longer be a problem.

Liposuction reduces the areas of fullness to improve the balance of your body and improve your self image. It is not a weight loss procedure but is only used to reduce localized bulges of fat. In this way, liposuction is complimentary to weight control. After liposuction your overall shape is changed. Even if you gain weight, the fat distributes evenly and does not “go to your problem spot” first. Controlling your weight will control how much fat you have. Liposuction controls where that fat is stored.

The Dangers of “Smart Lipo”

Liposuction utilizes small tubes to remove fat from the body. It has been likened to plucking grapes from a vine and has a long history of safety and effectiveness. It is a gentle approach that does not hurt nerves, blood vessels, muscle, or skin.

“Smart Lipo” uses a laser to obliterate whatever is at the other end of the probe, be it fat, nerves, blood vessels, muscle, or skin. It can be likened to using a blowtorch to the grape vine. This is not a gentle procedure. The manufacturer sells the instrument to the surgeon by stating the “Smart Lipo” can be done under local anesthesia (see “Who can perform cosmetic surgery in Florida?”). Since any physician can perform any operation in his or her office as long as it is under local anesthesia regardless of training or skill, there is a push by untrained physicians to have their patients agree to wide-awake surgery in their office. This is not necessarily a good thing for the patient. Many physicians performing “Smart Lipo” are not trained Plastic Surgeons and some are not surgeons of any kind.

The take home message: the only smart thing about “Smart Lipo” is the name!

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