Ankle Liposuction

Ankle liposuction is a comparatively rare liposuction procedure as many people do not opt for it. The reasons behind choosing this liposuction can be medical or cosmetic. Medical reasons for ankle liposuction arise when a person is afflicted by “cankles”. What happens here is that the point where the ankle joins the calf muscles appears unnaturally large or there is little to no definition between the calf and ankle areas. The legs of these patients lack the inverted bottle neck appearance of attractive legs. This can derive from excess weight or heredity. It is a very uncomfortable situation and can cause problems for the patient.

The Procedure

Removal of localized fat of the ankles is performed through 4 tiny incisions around the ankles.  As with all liposuction procedures, the area is made numb with local anesthesia.  Typically, you would be sedated for this and would feel no pain.  Afterwards the area will be swollen and somewhat bruised. Even after the local anesthetic is gone, there is little pain.