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Restylane Refyne and Defyne


As we age, different parts of the face lose shape and fullness – leading to lines, wrinkles, and a less youthful appearance. In many cases, this is because our bodies aren’t producing as much hyaluronic acid (HA) as they used to. HA attracts moisture and less of it means that our features begin to sag and droop.

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Where we see wrinkles (and more)

Cheeks – Loss of collagen, thinning of underlying fat, and decreasing bone volume can lead to a reduction of volume in the cheeks, giving a sunken appearance.

Nasolabial Folds (smile lines) – Through volume loss and aging over time, the skin of our cheeks may drape over to becoming nasolabial folds (smile lines), creating a tired looking face with wrinkles between the nose and mouth.

Lips – As we age, our lips may lose shape and there can be an increase in small vertical lines around the mouth, while the corners sag.

The Resylane family of products offers treatment options that will be tailored to your specific needs as determined by Dr. Viggiano to produce natural looking results.

Designed to act like the body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid, the Restylane family of products visibly reduces facial wrinkles and folds and adds smooth, silky definition to lips. Widely used for over 2 decades, Restylane has helped people all over the world achieve a natural look they love. Adding volume and fullness to the skin, it corrects moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth. A single treatment typically last about 12 – 18 months.

Introducing two next-generation HA dermal fillers designed to support your natural expressions. Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne.

Your unique facial expressions show the world what you think and how you feel – you smirk, frown, pucker up, and smile from ear to ear.

But over time, your skin loses volume and the lines around that adorable pout or quirky grin don’t go away. That’s when it may be tie for Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne.

Two fillers designed to give your laugh lines a pick-me-up.

Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne are formulated to act like your body’s own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid (HA), restoring volume to your skin. Using unique XpresHAn Technology, each product is designed to give you just the right amount of lift, along with the flexibility to show a range of facial expressions without looking unnatural.

What to expect with treatment.

After your consultation with Dr. Viggiano, if the family of Restylane products have been recommended this is what will come next.

A topical anesthetic will be applied to your skin and allowed to penetrate for approximately 10 minutes.

Dr. Viggiano will then place the recommended products in the areas discussed. This will take approximately an additional 20 minutes depending on the treatment.

Renew, refresh, repeat

Once treated, your new look may last up to 12 months. Then repeat your treatment.

99% of our before and after results cannot be viewed online because of patient privacy requests. To see our best results, schedule a consultation with Dr. Viggiano.

Restylane Defyne Before and After – Kristen

Restylane Refyne Before and After – Marguerite