Generally, you may have one of three concerns regarding your breasts. You may feel that your breasts are too small, too saggy, or too large. These three concerns are treated in different ways.


If you have specific areas of fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise, liposuction is an effective way to eliminate excess fat deposits, which will improve your body contours and proportion. If you have a significant fold of skin you may also need skin as well as fat removal. In order to get a tighter, flatter abdomen, a tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty may be the cosmetic procedure for you.


Let’s face it – over time, we all age, and often the effects of aging are visible on our faces. As we grow older, our skin loses elasticity and can begin to sag. Deep creases often develop between the nose and mouth. Excess fat and sagging skin in the neck area can result in the appearance of a “double chin.” Luckily, both women and men can correct some of these signs of aging.


The eyes are the window to the soul and are an important part of how people see you and perhaps how you see yourself. It could be that your eyes make you look older than you are.  If this is the case, then eyelid surgery may be right
for you.