Q: Is there a charge for a cosmetic consult?

A: Dr. Viggiano has a $100 non-refundable fee for his cosmetic consultation. This payment is taken over the phone during scheduling. During your private consultation, Dr.  Viggiano will spend usually around 30 minutes discussing with you your various surgical and non surgical options to obtain the look you are trying to achieve. The consultation fee becomes a credit in our office and can then be used toward any cosmetic procedure we offer. The consultation, therefore, ends up being FREE!

Q: How much will my treatment cost?

A: The improvement you are seeking may be more affordable than you might imagine. Because Dr. Viggiano does so many types of treatment, it is not possible to list all the charges.  Please call the office for pricing.

Q: Will insurance pay for my surgery?

A: Generally insurance will pay for the repair of a significant deformity or to improve function. It may pay for skin cancer removal, removal of any irritated lesion, and hand surgery. Insurance may pay for upper eyelid surgery if vision is affected and lower eyelid surgery for a lower lid that is rotated out so much so as to cause eye pain or tearing. Insurance never pays for facelifts, browlifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, improving prominent ears, breast enlargement, Skin Care Products, etc.

Q: How much weight will I lose after liposuction?

A: 1-4 pounds. Liposuction works best for localized areas of fat. Removal of even a pound of fat in one area can make a remarkable difference.

Q: How far in advance do I have to schedule my surgery?

A: Usually about 4 weeks.

Q: Does Dr. Viggiano do MOHS surgery?

A: No. A surgeon (Dr. Mohs) first used Mohs surgery on June 23, 1933 and it is performed only by dermatologists. Plastic Surgeons, ENT doctors, general surgeons, and pathologists do not perform Mohs surgery. Dr. Viggiano will do a “frozen section” (which, like Mohs, can show that the cancer is cured while the patient is waiting) when necessary.The frozen section utilizes the skills of both a pathologist and the surgeon. It takes much less time than Mohs, is less painful, and the defect can be repaired at the time of the removal. This leads to a faster, more complete recovery. (See the “Skin Cancer” and “What is MOHS surgery?” section of this website.)

Q: Does Dr. Viggiano remove tattoos?

A: No. Tattoo removal requires specialized lasers. We will gladly refer you for treatment.

Q: What can I do about pigment changes on my face?

A: Prescriptive strength skin care products with Retin-A® and hydroquinone will to reduce or eliminate these areas. (See the “Dermesse” section of this website.)