Pro Bono Work


Dr. Viggiano has volunteered to operate on indigent patients in Honduras.

Recently Dr. Viggiano described his work with Light Of The World Charities in the following testimony, which was published on their website.

Whatever it is that seems so important in your life, whatever occupies your mind, and perhaps keeps you awake at night, give yourself the gift of putting it all on hold for a week. Your trip to a medically under-served country with like-minded health professionals will make a lasting impact on your friends, your family, and your life because it will make a lasting impact on you.

Expect to see the unexpected. Expect the indigent who you will serve, and the other team members who will serve with you, to wow you.

Return home to a different place, a better place, because you are different, you are better. Put what is important in your life into perspective. And sleep well knowing you have accomplished something.

Donato A Viggiano, MD PA


Meet Ester.
Ester is a 70 year old woman who had a severe cleft lip defect.  She had been told her whole life that she should not get it repaired because she would die.  She also lives in the mountains and has very little money.  Dr. Viggiano and Kim, his wife and practice manager, as well as another practice nurse, Joanne, traveled with Light of The World Charities ( to Nicaragua and met Ester.


Dr. Viggiano and his wife, Kim,  traveled to Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 to render assistance.

The Moon and Human Anatomy

Doctor means “teacher”; Dr. Viggiano likes to teach

As well as teaching about the dangers of sun exposure to high school freshman, how wounds heal to IRSC nursing students, surgical tech students, and medical assistance students, and plastic surgery to FSU medical students, Dr. Viggiano has taught about lunar craters and “seas” to 5th graders while looking through his telescope.  He has taught human anatomy to local 5th grade students.  Dr. Viggiano teaches each individual class of 5th graders in the school, reaching about 100 students in a full day of teaching.  Over 30 years, Dr. Viggiano has tought over 4000 local students about their anatomy by bringing into the classroom the heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidney, and voice box of a pig.  Showing these organs, and allowing the students to hold and examine them, is a thrill for everyone involved.

5th Grade Human Body Presentation

Dr. Viggiano teaches a group of 5th graders about the human body using a pig lung.