Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction

Breast surgeries are typically associated with breast lifts, reductions, or enlargements. However, for some patients their concern is focused on their nipples. Nipples can often be inverted or protrude. Inverted or enlarged nipples can be genetic or a result of breastfeeding children. Nipple correction is a simple surgery that can give patients an extra boost in confidence in the appearance of their breasts.

Correcting the Nipple

Correcting a nipple is a straightforward procedure done under local anesthesia that leaves no apparent scars. The technique typically used to correct inverted nipples involves lifting the nipple in the correct position and holding it there with sutures until it heals. A protruding or enlarged nipple is shortened and reduced. Often no sutures are required for nipple reduction. A side effect of either the inverted nipple or the shortening of a long nipple surgery is an inability to breast feed. For this reason, either of these surgeries should be performed after breast feeding for those individuals who wish to breast feed their babies.

99% of our before and after results cannot be viewed online because of patient privacy requests. To see other results, schedule a consultation with Dr. Viggiano.