Browlift (Browplasty)

Browlift (Browplasty)

You might wonder why the Browlift (aka forehead lift or browplasty) is included in the section on eyelids.

This is because upper eyelid fullness is very sensitive to the position of the eyebrows.

Try this yourself:

Go to a mirror and physically raise and lower one brow with your hand and see the effect it has on the upper eyelid. If you have heaviness in your upper eyelids, lift your eyebrow to see if it removes the heaviness. If it does and your eyebrow no longer looks too low, then a Browlift, or browplasty, may be what you need to look your best. It can also minimize other signs of aging such as frown lines between the eyebrows and forehead furrows. The Browlift is performed under moderate sedation with scars hidden within the hair.

99% of our before and after results cannot be viewed online because of patient privacy requests. To see our best results, schedule a consultation with Dr. Viggiano.

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