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Dermesse® System

The Dermesse® System is a neatly packaged skin health restoration program, similar to a fitness or exercise program. Just as physical exercise programs seek to improve a person’s overall body fitness, the Dermesse® System seeks to improve a person’s skin fitness.

The combination of retinoic acid and hydroquinone in a formulation which enhances absorption will markedly improve the quality of your skin. Dermesse® will decrease your fine wrinkles, create softer skin, and reduce pigmentation changes. Thin and fragile skin will be made thicker and more resilient, while though, thick skin will be made smoother and softer. The Dermesse® System will restore your skin’s natural, healthy glow.

This program is not available at any cosmetic counter. These products are only available by prescription and should be used only while under the supervision of a trained physician.

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Dermesse® Retin-A® (Tretinoin) Treatment

Patients with fine facial wrinkles and/or blotchy pigmented areas can achieve brighter, fresher-looking skin with at-home treatments of prescription Retin-A® (Tretinoin) Gel or Cream Formulations. To achieve the desired effect, the product is applied topically every night before going to bed for a period of eight months to one year. After that, two to three applications per week are sufficient to maintain the desired result.

Until the skin adjusts to the treatment, the patient may experience temporary redness, itching, irritation, stinging and/or dry skin. Some patients may need to limit Retin-A® usage to once every two or three days until their skin adjusts to the formula. There are no serious medical risks, but the patient may have to discontinue use of some cosmetic products if they cause irritation. The patient should apply moisturizer twice daily and wear sunblock when outdoors. Results will be maintained as long as treatment is continued, but will be lost when Retin-A® Treatment is discontinued. Deeper wrinkles may form with aging. Retin-A®, or Tretinoin is part of our physician directed skin care line, Dermesse®.